SL-940E/SL-941E Select Coat Conformal Coating Systems from Nordson ASYMTEK

SL-940E/SL-941E Select Coat Conformal Coating Systems

The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat® SL-940 Series conformal coating system is designed to provide the highest quality and productivity for automated coating processes. Model SL-940E is conveyorized for in-line production, while model SL-941E is non-conveyorized for batch and single-piece demand flow production environments.

Process parameters are recorded and traceable through Easy Coat® software running on a Windows® operating system. Fluid and air pressure are set and monitored through software-controlled electronic regulators. A complete process history can be maintained in Easy Coat® log files for these critical parameters.

A wide range of conformal coating process parameters can be monitored for statistical process control, including Nordson ASYMTEK's Laser Fan Width Control, Viscosity Control System, Bar Code System, and Flow Monitoring. The processes are automatically maintained within limits and process status is logged for traceability. This information can be exchanged with customer-specific Factory Information Systems (FIS).

Easy Coat® software, together with an optional vision system, makes teaching your coating program much easier. Pattern recognition software is also available.

Productivity is maximized with Easy Coat® software and machine design. The SL-940E conformal coating system operates at 1g peak accelerations, is capable of velocities of 1 meter per second, and can accommodate product sizes up to 500 mm.

The SL-940E and SL-941E conformal coating systems have been independently tested and certified for compliance with relevant safety standards including CE and SEMI.


  • High-speed, high-accuracy coating system delivers higher productivity
  • Powerful process controls ensure coating quality, such as Laser Fan Width Control that automatically adjusts for viscosity variations during the coating process
  • Advanced monitoring provides traceability
  • Programming is made easier with the optional camera and pattern recognition system
  • Downdraft ventilation provides an efficient path for VOC removal
  • Designed with stainless steel surfaces, the system is easy to clean and resistant to strong agents
  • Integrated electronic controls and software for a wide variety of Nordson Asymtek applicators, including the SC-280

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The Four-Position Tilt accessory enables the SC-300 and SC-400 applicators to coat four sides of a part or other areas not accessible from the standard vertical approach.

Viscosity Control SystemViscosity Control System

The Viscosity Control System maintains consistent temperature of conformal coating fluids. The system includes a heated recirculating fluid circuit to eliminate viscosity changes in temperature-responsive materials.

Inline Inverter ModuleInline Inverter Module

Nordson ASYMTEK's inline inverter module for one- or two-sided selective conformal coating of PCBs maximizes productivity and yield, conserves factory floor space, and reduces board-handling requirements.

Laser Fan Width ControlLaser Fan Width Control

Temperature variations and other environmental factors can affect the viscosity of fluid coating materials, changing material flow and fluid fan width. Laser Fan Width Control provides closed-loop monitoring of the conformal coating process.

Flow Monitoring SystemFlow Monitoring System

Nordson ASYMTEK's Flow Monitoring System aids in closing the dispensing loop for conformal coating. Flow monitoring confirms that products have been coated with the correct amount of material with a resolution of ± 0.05cc.

Dual Applicator BracketDual Applicator Bracket

The Dual Applicator Bracket is designed for when two coating valves are required. The bracket can be used for both single-slide and dual-slide operations.

Needle SensorNeedle Sensor

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SC-204/SC-104 Film Coater ApplicatorSC-204/SC-104 Film Coater Applicator

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SC-400 PreciseCoat JetSC-400 PreciseCoat Jet

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SC-300 Swirl Coat ApplicatorSC-300 Swirl Coat Applicator

The SC-300 Swirl Coat applicator offers three modes of operation - bead, monofilament and swirl. Ideal for conformal coating applications, the SC-300 handles a wide range of materials, varying in viscosity from 30 to 3500 mPa-sec (30 to 3500 centipoise).

SC-280N/SC-280C Select Coat Film Coater ApplicatorSC-280N/SC-280C Select Coat Film Coater Applicator

The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat® SC-280 non-atomized film coater provides automated, selective application of conformal coating materials with viscosities of less than 100 centipoise.

ECXP Easy Coat for Windows XP SoftwareECXP Easy Coat for Windows XP Software

Easy Coat for Windows (ECXP) software is a Windows XP application specifically designed for use with Nordson ASYMTEK's conformal coating systems


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Conformal Coating Platform Options Brochure - Chinese
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