SC-204/SC-104 Film Coater Applicators from Nordson ASYMTEK

SC-204/SC-104 Film Coater Applicator

These popular Film Coater Applicators provide non-atomized, selective application of conformal coating materials with viscosities of less than 100 centipoise


  • With transfer efficiency in excess of 99 percent, the Film Coater applicator improves conformal coating material utilization by 30 to 50 percent.
  • Because the conformal coating material is not atomized, common problems like over-spray, masking, and rework associated with conventional conformal coating processes are minimized.
  • Coating thicknesses range from 0.5 to 3 mils (.0127 to .0762 mm) for solvent-based materials and 4 to 8 mils (.1016 to .2032 mm) for 100-percent solids materials.  
  • The SC-204 and SC-104 Film Coater Applicators are intended for use with the SL-940E and SL-941E Select Coat conformal coating systems
  • Additional features and benefits can be found in the newer Nordson ASYMTEK model SC-280N/SC-280C Select Coat film coater applicators

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    Viscosity Control SystemViscosity Control System

    The Viscosity Control System maintains consistent temperature of conformal coating fluids. The system includes a heated recirculating fluid circuit to eliminate viscosity changes in temperature-responsive materials.

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    Flow Monitoring SystemFlow Monitoring System

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    The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat® SC-280 non-atomized film coater provides automated, selective application of conformal coating materials with viscosities of less than 100 centipoise.

    SL-940E/SL-941E Select Coat Conformal Coating SystemsSL-940E/SL-941E Select Coat Conformal Coating Systems

    Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Coat® SL-940 Series is a high-speed, high-accuracy conformal coating system with integrated, closed-loop process control that ensures superior conformal coating quality.

    ECXP Easy Coat for Windows XP SoftwareECXP Easy Coat for Windows XP Software

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