Laser Fan Width Control from Nordson ASYMTEK

Laser Fan Width Control

Temperature variations and other environmental factors can affect the viscosity of fluid coating materials, changing material flow and fluid fan width. Laser Fan Width Control provides closed-loop monitoring of the conformal coating process.

Laser Fan Width Control delivers improved repeatiblity for conformal coating applications. The system automatically verifies and adjusts the fan width prior to and/or after the coating operation. Through the use of a laser sensor, the system "looks" at the fan pattern, monitors the results, and automatically adjusts fluid fan width (coating pass width).

Accuracy is ensured by design. The laser beam makes precise measurements while positioned outside the work cell (dispense area). This dramatically reduces the chance of contamination. Autocalibration is an additional standard feature and helps to compensate for beam reflection during operation.

There are two programmable modes of the Laser Fan Width Control: Quick Check and Control Width. 


  • Automatically verifies fan width using laser beam for repeatable coating patterns
  • Compensates for viscosity variations during the coating process
  • Offers programmable width verification and correction frequency
  • Multiple, programmable fan widths available using Easy Coat for XP (ECXP) for flexible fluid delivery
  • Provides data logging of production parameters for statistical process control  


Laser Fan Width Control is available as an option for new system orders, or for retrofits without previous version of Fan Width Control. Upgrades from existing "fiber-optic" systems are slightly different; please contact your sales account representative for details.

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