Fluid Dispensing Equipment for Printed Circuit Board Assembly & Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

Nordson ASYMTEK supplies fluid dispensing and conformal coating equipment that are supported by a global service network. Recognized for our innovative dispenser and coating systems, we offer customer-inspired solutions in a range of industries.

PCB Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK designs and manufactures a full line of automated precision fluid dispensers and selective conformal coating systems, supported by an award-winning network.

Alternative Energy

Nordson ASYMTEK's automated fluid dispensing systems are ideal for a range of applications for the manufacturing and assembly of photovoltaic cells, fuel cells and other products that support alternative energy resources.

LED Assembly

For LED packaging, Nordson ASYMTEK's systems precisely dispense silicone, phosphor silicone mix, underfill, thermally conductive adhesive, conformal coating and epoxy encapsulation.

FPD Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK supplies automated dispensing systems for one-drop fill (ODF), UV and gasket seals writing, filling clear protective materials and other processes for OLED, LCD and touch panel assembly.


The manufacturing of MEMS, RFID devices, hard disk drives and other electromechanical assemblies benefit from Nordson ASYMTEK's automated precision dispensing and conformal coating systems.

Life Science

Nordson ASYMTEK's products precisely jet, coat and dispense reagents and other fluids during manufacturing operations for medical devices, point-of-care device assembly, lab-on-a-chip assembly and medical electronics.

Semiconductor Packaging

Nordson ASYMTEK's products enable precision assembly processes for component packaging and advanced semiconductor packaging for flip chips, 3D packages, wafer-level packages, PoPs, SiPs and others.


Nordson ASYMTEK Technology Days 2015 to Feature Innovative Solutions in Fluid Dispensing, Jetting, and Conformal Coating
(21 May 2015)
Register to meet with experts and watch live demonstrations during the June 17th and 18th event held in The Netherlands

Nordson ASYMTEK Demonstrates Jetting, Fluid Dispensing, and Conformal Coating at SMT Hybrid Packaging, Nuremberg Germany
(22 Apr 2015)
SmartTec Stand 7-221/7-321 and Future Packaging Line Stand 6-434A

Nordson ASYMTEK Dispensing and Coating Equipment and Process Technologies to be Featured at Kintner Equipment Corporation Workshop
(08 Apr 2015)
Electronics Manufacturing Workshop to be held in Endicott, New York, April 21-23, 2015

Nordson ASYMTEK Expands and Restructures Americas Sales Team
(19 Mar 2015)
Brad Perkins promoted to General Manager, Americas, and leads team with strong experience in electronics manufacturing

Nordson ASYMTEK Wins Service Excellence and New Product Awards at IPC APEX 2015
(06 Mar 2015)
Honored for Quantum Fluid Dispensing System and outstanding customer service and support

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Electronics & Automation 2015
(02 Jun 2015-04 Jun 2015)
Join Nordson ASYMTEK at Electronics & Automation 2015 in the Netherlands

Jisso Protec 2015
(03 Jun 2015-05 Jun 2015)

IMAPS Nordic Conference 2015
(08 Jun 2015-09 Jun 2015)
Nordson ASYMTEK presenting on "Latest Developments and Review of Underfill Dispensing Technology" - Helsingør, Denmark

Technology Days 2015
(17 Jun 2015-18 Jun 2015)
Nordson ASYMTEK announces Technology Days 2015 event - The Netherlands

SEMICON Russia 2015
(17 Jun 2015-18 Jun 2015)
Come see Nordson ASYMTEK at SEMICON Russia in Moscow

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DispenseJet DJ-9500 Precise Coating

Precise coating is a technique used to selectively coat individual components on a rigid or flexible circuit board.  By jetting this fluid, coating patterns smaller than 2mm are achievable on products with high coating selectively demands.  Nordson ASYMTEK’s S2-910 combined with the DispenseJet DJ-9500 is an ideal precise coating solution for high volume manufacturing.. Watch the video.

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