Profile and Values

Nordson ASYMTEK is a world leader in automated fluid dispensing, jetting and conformal coating

Nordson ASYMTEK is a world leader in automated fluid dispensing, jetting and conformal coating. We design and manufacture a full line of equipment for semiconductor package assembly, printed circuit board assembly, LED assembly, FPD assembly, life science product assembly and other precision manufacturing. We support our products with a global service network.

Our mission is to consistently provide innovative, quality solutions that exceed our customers' needs and expectations in dispensing technologies.With over 30 years of experience, Nordson ASYMTEK is committed to providing innovative dispensing solutions and the best support to customers worldwide.


Our values are expressed in these ways:


Act with Integrity

When dealing with co-workers, customers, or suppliers we must maintain the highest level of integrity and ethical behavior. We always treat people with respect. We always do what is right. There is no other way.


Trust in People

We are all responsible people and can be trusted to do the best possible job. Trust in each other is needed to achieve excellence.

Strength in Teamwork

Teamwork is the backbone to our success. If we stress teamwork, there will be few internal political problems based on "US" vs. "THEM" or "It's Not My Job".

Open Communication

We feel comfortable expressing ideas and opinions freely. Listening is key to communication and we listen to each other carefully.

People Development

We will support continuing education and training of our employees. We will provide career growth opportunities to employees before looking outside Asymtek.

Win/Win Problem Solutions

We should try to find win/win resolutions to problems. If we focus on the Process/Problem and not the people, problems will be  solved in an effective manner.


Focus on Quality

If we set increased quality of our products and processes as our main objective, productivity and profitability will follow. To achieve increased quality we all must have a commitment to Continuous Improvement.

Customer Driven

Asymtek must always satisfy its external customers with quality products and services. Customer satisfaction will be the basis of our business plans. We each have internal Asymtek customers and should focus on satisfying their needs with quality products and services.



We all approach our work with commitment and dedication to complete our task on time in a quality fashion. When we promise a result, we work hard to deliver on our promise.


Pride in Company & Products

We should have pride in knowing we are personally contributing to the success and reputation of Asymtek and its products. We all have high expectations of our management, our co-workers and ourselves.

Pleasant Working Environment

Care of our own area and respect for the space of others will go a long way to build the pleasant environment we all desire.