Nordson ASYMTEK's Benchtop Dispensing System with Jetting Technology is Chosen by the University of Greenwich to Develop Drug Delivery Systems

Dispenser jets small, repeatable shot volumes for coating uniformity, accuracy, and reproducibility

28 Mar 2012

Carlsbad, CA, USA – Nordson ASYMTEK, a leader in dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, announces that its DispenseMate® D-583 benchtop dispensing system has been chosen by the University of Greenwich, London, England, to enable them to develop state-of-the-art drug delivery systems for pharmaceutical and medical applications. The DispenseMate® system, with patented DispenseJet® DJ-9000 jetting technology, was selected for its ability to jet small, repeatable shot volumes in complicated precise coating patterns using a wide variety of fluid viscosities. Team at University of Greenwich with Nordson ASYMTEK dispenser

"The main issues we encountered before using Nordson ASYMTEK's jet dispensing technology were the lack of coating uniformity, accuracy, and reproducibility. As a result, the delivery systems we produced did not comply with the product specifications," explained Dr. Dennis Douroumis, senior lecturer at the university’s School of Science. "We did not encounter any of these problems using Nordson ASYMTEK's DispenseMate® D-580 system. Their technology was extremely useful in enabling us to dispense complicated coating patterns and produce droplets of small particle size. By using ASYMTEK’s dispensing system we now can apply uniform and reproducible coatings with controllable layer thickness. In addition, we reduced processing times and, most importantly, minimized losses of coating material (e.g. active substances) which can be quite expensive especially for pharmaceutical applications.

We also chose the ASYMTEK system because their wide range of nozzles support a wider range of solution viscosities that can be used in our process,” continued Dr. Douroumis. Other dispensing systems were limited in their ability to dispense fluids with different viscosities and most required diluted solutions/dispersion to apply a uniform coating. ASYMTEK’s technology has proven advantageous and versatile over similar dispensing platforms and enabled us to develop novel applications."

The DispenseMate® platform is ideal for batch processing, prototyping, and laboratory development, providing the same dispense control technology found in Nordson ASYMTEK’s most advanced dispensing systems. Dispensing applications developed on the DispenseMate® fluid dispenser are easily transferred to Nordson ASYMTEK’s other batch and inline systems when production volumes increase.

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