Nordson ASYMTEK Features Conformal Coating, Jetting, and Dispensing Demonstrations at IPC APEX Booth 3200

Systems offer speed, precision, and process control for manufacturing mobile devices, LEDs, automotive parts, and more

23 Feb 2012

Carlsbad, CA, USA – Nordson ASYMTEK, a leader in dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, will be hosting live demonstrations of its automated precision coating and jetting processes at IPC APEX, booth 3200, in San Diego, CA, February 28 – March1, 2012. Engineers will be available to discuss equipment, applications, and the manufacturing process. Demonstrations include non-contact jet dispensing of underfill for chip scale packages, ball grid arrays, package-on-package, and conformal coating using a fifth-axis tilt accessory with four-position rotate for conformal coating of vertical surfaces and underneath components. Nordson ASYMTEK systems are used in the manufacture of mobile devices, LEDs, automotive parts, and other applications in the printed circuit board, medical, solar, display, and semiconductor packaging industries.SC-280 Film Coater with Fifth-Axis Tilt

“Building electronic assemblies in high volume requires high-speed, precision dispensing,” explained Greg Hartmeier, vice president, Nordson ASYMTEK. “In many CSP applications, such as mobile phones and tablets, it is critical to dispense precise volumes of fluid to provide protection of the solder balls from vibration and mechanical shock without wasting expensive encapsulation material. The dispensing also needs to automatically compensate for changes in fluid viscosity over the pot-life of the material. Nordson ASYMTEK’s non-contact jetting systems achieve the required results and its Control Process Jetting (CPJ) software automatically manages the critical processes related to underfilling accurately, reliably, and cost effectively. 

To enhance conformal coating access to tight or hard-to-reach areas that may not be achievable with the standard downward approach (0 degrees), Nordson ASYMTEK developed its fifth-axis tilt accessory with four-position rotate. While the nozzle is tilted to 30 degrees, the mechanism can also be rotated in 4 positions, with 90-degree increments, to direct the fan pattern to the left, right, front, or back to coat all four sides of a component. The tilt and rotate accessory uses dual pneumatic motors, which provide smooth, fast, and quiet rotate action. The single action rotate speed is variable using flow controls. It will be demonstrated on Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Coat ® SL-940-E high-speed, high-accuracy conformal coating system with integrated closed-loop process control that ensures superior conformal coating quality.

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