Nordson ASYMTEK Wins 2 Awards for Technology Innovation at NEPCON China 2010

Awards for Dual Simultaneous Jetting and Fiducials-on-the-Fly

05 May 2010

Carlsbad, CA, USA – Nordson ASYMTEK, a leader in dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, has received two prestigious awards during NEPCON China 2010. Nordson ASYMTEK was recognized by winning the VISION Award from Surface Mount Technology  magazine for its Dual Simultaneous Jetting with CPJ+ technology and the Innovation Award from Electronics Manufacturing Asia magazine for its Fiducials-on-the-Fly technology.

Dual simultaneous jetting uses two DispenseJet(R) valves instead of one to jet fluids, and has been shown to reduce dispense time by 50 percent. When jetting simultaneously it is critical that both jets deliver the same mass. CPJ+ technology ensures that flow rates for both jets deliver the same mass per part for uniform mass deposition. The system automatically compensates for fluid viscosity changes over time as well as batch-to-batch variations to keep the process under machine control. One customer reported a 60 percent increase in units per hour with Dual Simultaneous jetting with CPJ+. This technology is especially beneficial for applications like CSP underfill and LED silicone encapsulation on multi-up panelized or patterned parts or for similar applications where precision, accuracy, reliability, and increased throughput are required.

Nordson ASYMTEK's Fiducials-on-the-Fly technology locates fiducials on printed circuit boards five times faster than the standard stop-and-capture method, thereby increasing the completed parts per hour by as much as 35 percent. In standard stop-and-capture mode, the camera must pause to locate each fiducial. In contrast, with Fiducials-on-the-Fly the camera is always in motion snapping images. The more fiducials on the board, the greater the time savings.

The SMT China VISION Award honors achievements in China's electronics manufacturing industry. Selection of the winners is based on 10 criteria: creativeness and innovativeness, performance, reliability, cost effectiveness, ease-of-use, flexibility, compatibility, quality contributions, environmental responsibility, and maintainability/reparability and service.

The EM Asia Innovation Award recognizes, rewards, and celebrates excellence in the Asian electronics industry. The 2010 EM Asia awards were presented to companies that have achieved the highest standards for their products. They were judged on innovation and achievement and in setting challenging objectives.
“We are honored to receive these two awards,” said Frank Wang, Nordson ASYMTEK's general manager, Greater China. “Asymtek has been recognized as the leader in dispensing and coating innovation and technology for over 25 years. We have grown with our customers to develop equipment and processes to enable them to produce many of the products we rely on today. These awards also reflect our long term commitment of continuously investing in technology and innovation, even during the business downturn. We will continue to serve our customers throughout Asia and China with quality products and provide the very best service and support. We thank SMT China and EM Asia for these awards.” 

Both awards were presented at ceremonies during NEPCON China, Shanghai, April 2010.

High-res photo of Nordson ASYMTEK staff with SMT China Vision award. Pictured (left to right):  Luke Zhou, Sales Manager for South China; Christine Chen, Marketing and Customer Service Manager for China; Frank Wang, General Manager of China.