IPC APEX Expo 2013

Come see Nordson ASYMTEK at the San Diego Convention Center - California, USA

19 Feb 2013 - 21 Feb 2013

Booth #3115

Several Nordson divisions in one trade show: ASYMTEK, EFD, DAGE, and YESTECH

Nordson ASYMTEK's Hector Pulido will present on Mobile Electronics: How to Keep the Elements inside Running Reliably and Smoothly In a Harsh World.  See IPC page for more details about the technical sessions.


The portable electronics market has driven steep-slope growth for over a decade and continues to deliver amazing handheld electronic devices; manufacturers of these products are facing challenges they thought would be in the distant future: denser electronic substrates, more power demand and more heat to dissipate, stringent use conditions, and more importantly, demand for lower production cost.
Lowering production cost is critical to remaining competitive; hence the objectives become high “first pass quality” and low “returns for failed units.” There is high demand for manufacturing tools and processes that attain these goals.
Conformal coating is a cost effective process used to maintain the functionality of the electronic components inside a mobile device in harsh environmental conditions. This paper discusses recent developments in conformal coating that help enable the manufacturing process to meet the criteria for increased reliability at a lower cost, especially important for  high production volume devices that command above average selling price.

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Let Nordson ASYMTEK put our dispensing and coating expertise to work for you... at APEX 2013

  IPC APEX Expo 2013 - Conference and Exhibition
■ February 19 - 21
■ San Diego Convention Center
■ Booth # 3115

Conformal Coating Demo - Coat, Cure, & Inspect

The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat® SL-940E

  • Patented technology replaces traditional dip, brush, handgun, and aerosol spray systems
  • High-speed, high-precision coating
  • Available systems for in-line or batch production

Integrated with our NEW Select Cure® UV-9 Oven

  • Arc lamp technology + unique ventilation design = lamps run cooler, extends life of electronic components & lamps
  • Ideal for top and bottom material curing in mid-to-high volume production
  • Optimized for curing of parts up to 420mm

ACI Coating Inspection system also available (in Nordson YESTECH booth next door - # 2919)

Nordson ASYMTEK 

Since 1983

30 years of award-winning, patented dispensing and coating solutions

Select Coat SL-940E

Dual Action Underfill & Precise Coating Demo

The Nordson ASYMTEK SpectrumTM S-920N Dispenser for Microelectronics Packaging

Featuring the NEW NexJet® Dispensing System with Genius™ Jet Cartridge 

  • Just one cartridge to take out & clean instead of many small pieces
  • Minimal downtime as your assembly process continues with another cartridge in place while first one is cleaned
NexJet® System w/ Genius™ Jet Cartridge

Surface Mount Adhesive & Solder Paste Demo

The Nordson ASYMTEK DispenseMate® D-585 Benchtop Dispensing System with 

DV-8000 Heli-Flow Pump  and

DispenseJet® DJ-2100 Non-Contact Jet

DispenseMate series offers high precision in benchtop format

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