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Safety During Maintenance and Repair

Allow only qualified personnel to perform maintenance, troubleshooting and repair tasks on Nordson adhesive dispensing systems and auxiliary equipment.

  • Always wear appropriate protective clothing and use safety devices when working on this equipment.

  • Follow the recommended maintenance procedures in your equipment manuals.

  • Do not service or adjust any equipment unless another person trained in first aid and CPR is present.

  • Use only genuine Nordson replacement parts. Using unapproved parts or making unapproved modifications to equipment may void agency approvals and create safety hazards.

  • Refer to MSDS before using solvents to clean this equipment. The MSDS will provide use, storage and disposal information about the solvent. Read this information carefully and follow all instructions.

    : Note the flash point of the cleaning solvent used. Only use controlled methods and equipment, such as temperature-controlled or explosion-protected heaters, to heat cleaning solvent. Observe explosion-prevention regulations and follow applicable safety instructions.

  • Never use an open flame to clean the unit or components of the unit.

  • Do not store flammable materials in the spray area or room. Keep paint pumps, pressure pots and containers of flammable materials far enough away from spray booths to prevent their inclusion in a booth fire. If a fire or explosion occurs, flammable materials in the area will increase the chances and the extent of personal injuries and property damage.

  • Make sure that the room where you are working is sufficiently ventilated. Avoid breathing vapors over prolonged periods of time.

  • Check interlock systems periodically to ensure their effectiveness.

  • Check all ground connections periodically with a megohm meter. Resistance to ground must not exceed one megohm. If sparks or arcing occur, shut down the system immediately.

  • Make sure the spray area floor is conductive to ground and that the operator's platform is grounded.

  • Connect all disconnect equipment ground cables and wires after servicing the equipment. Ground conductive equipment.

  • Disconnect, lock-out and tag electrical power at a disconnect or breaker in the service line ahead of electrical equipment before servicing.

    WARNING: Service lines connected to panel disconnect switches may still be energized unless they are disconnected. Make sure the power is off before servicing. Wait five minutes for the capacitors to discharge after shutting off the electrical power.

  • If a "power on" test is required, perform the test carefully and then shut off and lock out power as soon as the test is over.

  • Never troubleshoot a power supply without first disconnecting all external power supplies and discharging the high-voltage capacitors with an insulated screwdriver.

  • Do not attempt to service electrical equipment if there is standing water present. Do not service electrical equipment in a high-humidity environment.

  • Use tools with insulated handles when working with electrical equipment.

  • Keep high-voltage connection points clean and protected with dielectric grease or oil.

  • Relieve air and fluid pressures before servicing equipment -- follow the instructions provided in the equipment manual.

  • Do not attempt to service a moving piece of equipment. Shut-off the equipment and lock out power. Secure the equipment to prevent uncontrolled movement.

  • If you must disassemble a spring-loaded component, carefully preload the spring first if it is possible to do so.

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