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Safety During Installation

Read the installation section of all system component manuals before installing your equipment. A thorough understanding of system components and their requirements will help you install the system safely and efficiently.

  • Allow only qualified personnel to install Nordson and auxiliary equipment.

  • Use only approved equipment and components to avoid loss of agency approvals and unsafe conditions

  • Make sure all equipment is rated and approved for the environment in which you are using it.

  • Follow all instructions for installing components and accessories.

  • Install all electrical, pneumatic, gas and hydraulic connections in accordance with local codes.

  • Install locking, manual shut-off valves in the air supply lines to the system. This allows the release of air pressure and pneumatic system lock out before starting maintenance and repairs.

  • Install a locking disconnect switch or breaker in the service line ahead of any electrical equipment.

  • Use only electrical wire of sufficient gauge and insulation to handle the rated current demand. All wiring must meet all applicable codes.

  • Ground (and fuse, if necessary) all electrically conductive equipment within 10 feet (3 meters) of the spray area or according to its rated current consumption. (See the ID plate on your equipment.) Ungrounded conductive equipment can store a static charge which could ignite a fire or cause an explosion if a hot spark is discharged.

  • Route electrical wiring, cables, hoses and air supply tubing along a protected path. Make sure they will not be damaged. Do not bend cables or hoses around a radius of less than 6 in. (152 mm).

  • Use only designated lifting points or lugs to lift and remove heavy equipment. Always balance and block loads when lifting to prevent shifting. Lifting devices must be inspected, certified and rated for a greater weight than the equipment being lifted.

  • Do not use unapproved fluid hoses. Solvents may cause hoses to deteriorate rapidly and allow flammable liquids or pressurized material to escape.

  • Protect components from damage, wear and harsh environmental conditions.

  • Allow ample room for maintenance, material supply container drop-off and loading, panel accessibility and cover removal.

  • Protect equipment with safety devices as specified by applicable safety regulations.

  • If safety devices must be removed for installation, install them immediately after the work is completed and check them for proper functioning.

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