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Tokyo Lab Web-Handling Capabilities and Equipment

The Tokyo adhesive laboratory provides a full range of customer demonstration and development trials. The equipment listed does not limit laboratory capabilities. Please contact your sales representative to discuss trial or development project needs.

Our laboratory is staffed with full-time technical personnel. Testing, demonstration and training programs provide the flexibility needed to meet your requirements. 

Fully equipped laboratories provide comprehensive hot melt adhesive application and product development testing and demo
Machine 1
  • 0.4 m (14 in.) substrate width
  • 75 mm (3 in.) core diameter
  • 2 substrates and elastic (natural or synthetic)
  • 150 mpm (500 fpm) maximum speed

Machine 2

  • 0.6 m (24 in.) substrate width
  • 75 mm (3 in.) core diameter
  • 4 substrates and elastic (natural or synthetic)
  • 300 mpm (1,000 fpm) maximum speed


  • Melters: Series 6000 and MX 4400
  • Slot Coaters: EP 45 and EP 11
  • Applicators: CF® technology, Summit™ II lamination, SureWrap™ elastic attachment and Control Coat® technology
  • ES90 and PC10 pattern controls
  • Lycra unwinder

* Equipment can be configured to meet customer requirements.