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Powertrain Gasketing

Nordson foaming systems, guns and melters improve hot melt adhesive utilization for powertrain gasketing.

Nordson form-in-place systems help automotive manufacturers reduce
costs and improve efficiency for gasketing powertrain components
using advanced materials.

  • Increase productivity and flexibility by replacing labor-intensive
    manual application of die-cut gaskets with automated
    form-in-place gaskets.

  • Improve coverage and accuracy by applying gasket material using Ultra FoamMix® dispensing systems and AG-900 modular guns.

  • Achieve precise dispensing of high-performance materials with Pro-Meter® VDK modules and VersaDrum™  bulk melters.

  • Maintain high-output performance with DuraPail® bulk melters.

  • Reduce inventory and material costs by eliminating separate die-cut gasket supplies and purchasing in bulk form.

  • Expand production capabilities with a comprehensive selection of UV Curing systems.