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Aerospace Solutions

Nordson comprehensive dispensing solutions help the aerospace Nordson dispensing systems replace mechanical fasteners when joining or bonding dissimilar substrates.
industry maintain high product quality while increasing production
speeds and improving manufacturing efficiency.  In our 50+ year history, Nordson has provided consistent, repeatable material dispensing systems into the most rigorous production environments, including civilian and government air and space applications.

Whether single or multi-component materials, Nordson’s experience with bonding, sealing, filling, coating, potting or other assembly processes helps improve quality of finished products while reducing production time.  A wide range of materials from adhesives to syntactics to sealants and coatings can be applied via manual/handgun or automated/robotic means to easily integrate into existing processes.

Nordson continuously researches and develops solutions for Nordson equipment handles a wide range of materials for space and air craft manufacturing processes.
new aerospace materials, processes and products.  Recent
Nordson projects include new product development for civil aircraft manufacturers, military aircraft production and the national space program.


  • Unity™ dispense systems are ideal for avionics production using adhesives from cartridges or syringes to replace unwieldy mechanical fasteners and bond dissimilar substrates.

  • Improve bonding and sealing quality with Blue Series™ melters and either handguns or automatic guns for precise, repeatable hot melt dispensing.

  • Nordson can develop customized dispensing technology to handle unique materials for civil and government programs.