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Print Finishing / Mailing Adhesive Systems

Nordson hot melt adhesive and cold glue dispensing systems enhance adhesive bonding and production efficiency in print finishing applications. A comprehensive selection of options meets specific paper stock and adhesive bonding requirements for in-plate or on-deck spot-glue closure, tipping, remoistenable hot melt adhesive film deposition and pocket assembly.

  • Eliminate costly off-line processing and achieve consistent hot melt adhesive spot-glue placement on sheet-fed and web-press operations with Blue Series™ melters and Nordson electric guns.

  • Increase flexibility with in-line or off-line adhesive tipping using Blue Series™ melters and MiniBlue™  pneumatic or e.dot+™  electric guns.

  • Apply remoistenable hot melt film in-line using the EP 11 slot gun and Blue Series™ melters for consistent edge-to-edge control and sharp adhesive cutoff.

  • Maximize efficiency for in-line pocket assembly with rapid-cycling LA series cold glue electric guns, LA 404-2 pattern controls and LA 300 piston pumps.

  • Validate symbol accuracy with reliable Accubar™ code verifier.

  • House and transport system components on portable equipment cart.
In-plate or on-deck adhesive systems deliver reliable, repeatable glue placement and verification.