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PatternJet Systems for Magazine-Fed Labelers

Label Pick-Up
Award-winning Nordson labeling systems with PatternJet™  guns EcoPattern™  technology provides non-contact adhesive dispensing for adhesive savings up to 90 percent.  Non-contact allows labeling of a wide variety of container shapes, sizes and material thicknesses.  Nordson systems are a dramatic improvement over wheel-pot technologies, delivering a consistent amount of adhesive to every container, every time, at any speed

PatternJet guns for accurate, high-speed hot melt adhesive deposition
Label Lap Seam
Adjustable-width Nordson PatternCoat™ slot guns or PatternJet guns with a slot die can be used to significantly improve lap seam sealing of labels.  A thin strip of adhesive is stacked, in a bar pattern, to the trailing edge of the label as it is pulled form the label stack.  Superior adhesive cut off and more uniform patterns provide labelers with fewer product rejects and less adhesive waste.

Nordson labeling systems are first-in / first-out, non-circulating systems, do not expose adhesive to ambient air, and minimize adhesive degradation due to dust, contaminants and moisture.

With precise adhesive application, labelers achieve improved process control, adhesive savings, reduced energy usage, and improved container recycleability.