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Folding Carton Adhesive Systems

Nordson cold glue and hot melt adhesive dispensing systems enhance product quality and production efficiency for folding cartons manufacturers . Replace glue pots with comprehensive systems that handle a broad range of volume demands and adhesive formulations for side-seam and straight-line gluing; autolock boxes; two-, four- and six-corner gluing; and window patch attachment.

  • Improve cold adhesive pattern placement with high-speed LA series and WM 801 series electric guns.

  • Meet glue volume requirements and protect bonding characteristics with LA 300 piston pumps.

  • Choose from a variety of tank sizes and pumps for consistent hot melt adhesive dispensing, including Blue Series™ melters and VersaPail™ or DuraPail®  bulk melters for reactive PUR materials.
Nordson systems offer adhesive application and verification to enhance carton quality and productivity.
  • Gain pattern and production flexibility with a selection of hot melt adhesive pneumatic or electric guns.

  • Enhance adhesive deposition and repeatability with LA 404-2 or LogiComm® pattern controls.

  • Improve product quality with glue pattern, window position, product length and faulty product detection using LogiComm® integrated pattern control and verification systems.

  • Integrate Nordson verification systems with LA 600 PE ejection system to remove faulty product from production lines.

  • Validate symbol accuracy with reliable Accubar™ code verifier.

  • Produce attractive clear box packaging with a complete turnkey adhesive dispensing system.

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