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Bag and Sack Manufacturing

Nordson liquid adhesive and hot melt adhesive dispensing systems enhance production efficiency for bag and sack manufacturing. Replace glue pots with comprehensive systems that handle a broad range of paper stocks and adhesive formulations for handle formation, attachment and reinforcement; side, bottom and pinch-bottom seams; and lamination.

  • Improve cold adhesive pattern placement with high-speed electric Hot melt adhesive and cold glue dispensing and verification systems replace glue pots in bag and sack manufacturing applications
    LA series or WM 801 series guns or pneumatic LV 227 bead gun.

  • Meet liquid adhesive volume and requirements with LA 300 piston pumps.

  • Enhance glue deposition and repeatability with LA 404-2 pattern controls.

  • Choose from a variety of hot melt adhesive melters and guns for outer sealing, including Blue Series™ melters and SolidBlue™ dispensing guns.

  • Reduce waste and improve quality with adhesive pattern, product length and faulty product detection using LogiComm® verification systems.