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Medical Device Manufacturing

Nordson adhesive dispensing systems help you effectively and efficiently integrate adhesives into medical device designs.  With the increasing trend to miniaturization for both home and professional medical devices, use of adhesive in place of traditional tapes or clips is sharply increasing.  A full range of Nordson equipment for heated or ambient, single or multi-component materials can help improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

The recently developed Unity™ systems simplify use of high-performance, syringe and/or cartridge packaged materials in medical device manufacturing.  Easy integration into existing processes and scalability for changing requirements help improve production flexibility and material use.

The Unity IC has a propriety closed loop compensation and feedback system to maintain material viscosity over an extended period of time for consistent, high-quality application while minimizing residual waste.  Pneumatic actuated dispense modules improve start/stop efficiency and shorten cycle times.

Design and production of home diagnostics or professional medical devices such as blood glucose, blood pressure or heart rate monitors benefit from the flexibility gained by adhesive use.  And, Nordson adhesive systems help further improve your manufacturing efficiency and product quality by optimizing material utilization.

Unity dispense systems offer flexibility to medical diagnostic and device design and manufacture.