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Solar Solutions for Crystalline Photovoltaic Module Assembly

Nordson offers a wide range of solutions to help you reduce production costs while maintaining quality of your crystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules.  Our solutions can help you improve existing processes as well as develop new, improved ones.

Systems integrate easily into your production line to help you most efficiently and effectively process an extensive variety of materials.  Pumps, melters, applicators, controls and verification systems can be incorporated into manual, semi-automatic or fully-automated assembly processes.Nordson dispensing solutions can improve framing, glazing, encapsulating, affixing, potting and sealing of PV modules

Use of Nordson solar solutions can help you:

  • lower material costs by allowing sourcing and processing of larger bundles of material.

  • improve production processes through new or stream-lined
    dispensing technologies.

  • improve product quality and durability with precise,
    consistent material application.


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solutions can help you with your crystalline PV module assembly.

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Nordson solutions help improve solar module production processes and product quality and durability.

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