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Speaker Manufacturing

Nordson provides a variety of hot melt adhesive dispensing systems to help speaker manufacturers simplify production processes, improve product quality and boost productivity for bonding and gasketing applications.

Component Attachment

  • Improve product quality with repeatable adhesive dispensing using Blue Series™ melters, automatic guns or handguns.

  • Integrate assembly process with complete turnkey solutions to accommodate part handling, fixturing and conveyors for wire attachment, magnet bonding and terminal staking.

Speaker Enclosure Gasketing

  • Increase productivity by eliminating labor-intensive manual application of die-cut gaskets and foam-tape gaskets.

  • Improve coverage and accuracy by applying form-in-place gaskets using FoamMelt® dispensing systems to foam mastic hot melt adhesives.

  • Reduce material use and costs with increased adhesive open time and volume.

  • Maintain high-output performance with VersaPail™ and DuraPail® bulk melters and automation  systems.

V-Groove Joint Bonding

Related Products

VersaPail™ Bulk Melters (Heated)VersaPail™ Bulk Melters (Heated)

Nordson VersaPail bulk melters protect bonding characteristics and thermal stress in adhesives, sealants and butyls.

FoamMelt® Dispensing SystemFoamMelt® Dispensing System

FoamMelt dispensing systems reduce hot melt adhesive use by up to 65% for foam-in-place gaskets and replace labor intensive die-cut or foam tape gaskets.