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Automated dispensing of solid or foamed materials improves gasketing, bonding, sealing of electronic products

Electronics Manufacturing

Nordson systems help manufacturers of electronic products, particularly handheld consumer devices, improve assembly, gasketing and sealing applications using automated, precision-dispensing technologies.

Electronics manufacturing is experiencing shorter product life cycles and the need for greater flexibility every day. Nordson dispensing solutions provide consistent application with clean cutoff for a wide variety of hot melt materials, including polyurethane (PUR) adhesives.

  • Improve product durability and production flexibility of handheld mobile electronics devices with Unity™ dispensing systems. Achieve strong, pliable, ultra-thin bond lines while maintaining high productivity with these automated, tabletop systems.

  • Produce consistent product quality in automotive ECU gasketing with Pro-Meter® VDK module and VersaPail™ bulk melter.

  • Improve set time and durability of cellular phone battery packs using FoamMelt® dispensing systems.

  • Enhance productivity in fuse box gasketing with quick material expansion using Ultra FoamMix® systems and automation systems.

  • Reduce sealing costs and improve seals in gasketing  hard disk drive covers for computers, laptops and televisions using form-in-place gasketing systems that include the Pro-Meter® VDK module and VersaPail bulk melter.