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Disposable Hygiene Products

Nordson’s vast experience with nonwoven product production makes us uniquely qualified to support the high-speed converting of rolled goods for disposable hygiene products. Whether baby diapers, adult incontinence or feminine care products, Nordson application systems precisely deliver a wide variety of materials including:

  • hot melt adhesives
  • lotions
  • perfumes
  • specialty materials, such as waxes

The adhesive application process and equipment greatly influence: production costs, product quality, product performance and manufacturing efficiency. Nordson’s extensive product line offers application solutions to meet the needs of most any disposable hygiene manufacturer.

·         Nordson non-contact spray nozzles are available with a wide selection of operating characteristics to consistently meet specific aesthetic and function requirements in even the most challenging production environments.

·         Universal modules deliver reliable day-to-day operation and comprehensive nozzle compatibility to increase production flexibility and maximize dispensing performance.

·         Nordson pneumatic spray applicators offer a single-platform dispensing design to reduce initial investment and cost of ownership while improving heating efficiency and pattern stability.

·         Contact slot applicators provide precise cutoff and accurate dispensing for a wide range of coating widths and thicknesses. Quick-change modules and user-friendly nozzle designs simplify maintenance and setup.

·         Nordson melters are available in a variety of holding capacities and pump configurations. Each melter can be setup to feed a single or multiple manufacturing processes individually or simultaneously as needed.

·        OptiBond solutions offer variation management of pressure and/or flow by monitoring and/or controlling material dispensing. This visibility to and control of actual material delivery and placement maximizes production efficiency while minimizing waste of excess raw materials, scrap and maintenance.

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