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Appliance Manufacturing

Nordson provides a variety of dispensing systems for hot melt or ambient-temperature adhesive or sealant gasketing and bonding in the appliance industry. Common applications include splash ring gasketing, cab seal gasketing and bonding, and HVAC insulation bonding.

  • Improve product quality with metering accuracy and precision.

  • Increase productivity by eliminating labor-intensive manual application of die-cut gaskets, foam-tape gaskets or other materials.

  • Reduce material use and costs with increased adhesive open time and volume.

Cab Seal Gasketing and Bonding

Nordson systems apply foamed or solid thermoplastic materials to openings, seams, corners or components of appliance cabinets. Ultra FoamMix® and FoamMelt® systems produce automated foam-in-place gaskets and seals, providing better coverage and accuracy. Blue Series™ melters dispense solid hot melt adhesives for efficiently sealing corners and bonding component parts, foam pads or insulation.

HVAC Insulation Bonding

Melters, automatic guns and handguns apply solvent-free hot melt adhesives in a swirl-spray pattern to permanently bond insulation to HVAC metal panels, eliminating the need for spray booths.

FP-900 handguns efficiently apply ambient-temperature, moisture-cure adhesives for flat panel insulation applications.

Splash Ring Gasketing

The Ultra FoamMix® dispensing system automatically applies foam-in-place gaskets directly to washtub splash rings, forming a permanent seal against fluid splashing.


Nordson hot melt adhesive systems improve appliance product quality with accurate, precise metering.