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RV and Manufactured Housing

Nordson systems help improve quality and streamline the manufacturing process of kitchen and bath assemblies used in recreational vehicles and manufactured housing.

Systems are available for bonding high-pressure laminates to particleboard, plywood veneers, foam insulation, as well as applications for architectural wall panels.

  • Choose from a variety of melters and guns to meet requirements, including Blue Series™ melters, VersaDrum™ and DuraPail® bulk melters, AD series and FP-200 spray handguns, and Universal™ CF®  and  Signature™ spray nozzles.

  • Increase productivity and reduce labor and material costs with reliable high-performance systems.

  • Improve product quality with precise, repeatable adhesive spraying.

Watch the Seal-Tite hot melt sealant video to see how RV manufacturing can benefit from foam material application in place of tapes and gaskets.