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Floor Manufacturing

Nordson systems improve the quality of flooring accessories and help reduce costs and increase productivity in the manufacturing of laminate and hardwood flooring, floor moldings and vinyl wall base.

  • Choose from application specific melters and guns, including Blue Series™ melters, VersaDrum™ bulk melters and VersaPUR™ melters for reactive hot melt adhesives, and PW series profile wrapping guns.

  • Increase productivity and reduce labor and material costs with reliable high-performance systems.

  • Improve product quality with precise, repeatable adhesive dispensing.


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VersaPUR™ MeltersVersaPUR™ Melters

VersaPUR melters simplify use and efficiently process reactive hot melt PUR adhesives.

Profile Wrapping ApplicatorsProfile Wrapping Applicators

PW profile wrapping guns coat foil and veneers with adhesives for a wide variety of shapes.