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Filter Manufacturing

Nordson dispensing systems help filter manufacturers improve productivity in bonding, sealing and gasketing filter media using polyamides, plastisols, urethanes, silicones and other high-performance materials. Systems are also available for efficient media lamination.

  • Eliminate labor-intensive manual application of die-cut or foam-tape gaskets using Ultra FoamMix® and FoamMelt® systems to produce automated foam-in-place gaskets.
Nordson dispensing systems improve efficiency of polyamides, plastisols, urethanes and silicones in bonding, sealing & gasketi
  • Reduce adhesive material costs by applying foamed beads for filter pleating and heavy-duty radial filters using the Ultra FoamMix, SureFoam™ or FoamMelt systems.

  • Improve substrate coverage in applying plastisols to oil filter end caps using AG-900 guns equipped with a showerhead nozzle.

  • Achieve reliable dispensing in disposable HVAC air filter assembly with Blue Series™  melters and Universal™ CF®  nozzles, slot or bead guns.

  • Improve bonding and preserve material properties of high-temperature hot melt and polyamide adhesives using EX series hot melt extruders that provide a graduated melting process.

  • Use Ultra FoamMix applicators to create a homogenous, closed-cell foam offering performance and production benefits over conventional hot melt adhesive dispensing.

  • Improve laminating efficiency with clog-resistant Universal Signature™ spray nozzles that dispense dense, random patterns in continuous coating applications.

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