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EasyOn™ Gun Technology

EasyOn™ Gun Technology

New EasyOn gun technology for hot melt pneumatic gun mounting provides improved usability and simplicity.

Machined surfaces on both the gun body and the gun module are "mated" to deliver superior ease-of-use.

  • Minimize changeover time -- using guided, one-way fit modules and gun bodies.

  • Match gun bodies and modules for the right fit every time.
    EasyOn technology uses machined surfaces on gun body and gun module to match-up for the right fit every time.
  • Ease installation and maintenance and improve safety (especially in tight parent machine spaces).
  • Change gun bodies at your convenience.  Modules fit existing Nordson guns (backward compatibility).

  • Achieve better performance with a simpler, more robust design.

  • Reduce inventory and costs.  New modules and guns share designs, components and parts assemblies.

EasyOn technology is used on these Nordson adhesive guns:

MiniBlue II®  long-life hot melt guns and modules
SureBead® self-cleaning hot melt guns and modules.
SolidBlue™ hot melt guns and modules.