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PUR Adhesive Melters from Nordson.

Adhesive Melters - Reactive/PUR

Reactive, polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesive melters are typically used as part of closed dispensing systems. A closed hot melt system protects PUR adhesive integrity and material characteristics. Both tank-style and bulk-style PUR hot melt systems are available to meet specific PUR hot melt volume requirements. Nordson PUR dispensing and melt-on-demand technologies found in our polyurethane dispensing equipment processes only the material immediately needed which reduces thermal stress and protects the bonding characteristics of unused material.

Featured Adhesive Melters - Reactive/PUR

VersaPUR™ Slug Melters
VersaPUR™ Melters

VersaPUR melters simplify use and efficiently process reactive hot melt PUR adhesives.