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BM Series Bulk Melters

BM series melters process hot melt adhesives, sealants and butyls from 20-liter (5-gal) pails or 200-liter (55-gal) drums. Built-in flexibility permits fine-tuning of temperature and pumping systems to accommodate new adhesives or adapt to changing production requirements.

  • Choose from smooth platens for moisture-cure, reactive hot melt adhesives or axially-finned platens for high melt rates.

  • Meet specific application and adhesive properties with selection of gear and piston pumps.

  • Melt adhesive on top surface of pail or drum only, reducing thermal stress and protecting bonding characteristics.

  • Speed maintenance with modular platen design.

  • Achieve accurate adhesive output using adjustable pressure-control valve.

  • Adjust adhesive output to changes in line speeds with automatic run-up capability.

  • Select a wide range of options to customize performance.