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Hot melt parts from Nordson.

Hot Melt Replacement Parts and Reconditioned Equipment Programs

Nordson hot melt replacement parts and system service programs protect your investment and enhance productivity.

TrueBlue™ Genuine Nordson Hot Melt Replacement Parts

Preserve the integrity and efficiency of your adhesive applicator parts and hot melt systems with genuine Nordson hot melt replacement parts that meet worldwide safety and quality standards. While imitation hot melt parts may initially appear to cost less, frequent replacement can deflate savings over time, cause premature system failure or compromise system integrity. Plus, only Nordson provides global support of all hot melt systems and hot melt parts with factory-trained service personnel.

• Hot Melt Replacement Parts Catalog and Hot Melt Technical Manuals provide quick reference to equipment documentation.
• Buy online for fast, convenient ordering of hot melt applicator parts.
• Saturn® series nozzles, filters and solenoid valves simplify replacement and minimize downtime with color-coded rings, which are your assurance of genuine Nordson quality and performance.

Hot Melt Parts Support Programs Offer Significant Savings

Equipment Services Program (ESP™) keeps your adhesive applicator parts and entire hot melt system performing reliably through reconditioning. Rebuilt and refurbished hot melt systems can save you 40 to 50 percent compared to the cost of a new system.

• Trade Plus™ Program provides a worry-free, efficient way to replace major worn components. Receive new hot melt applicator parts, discounted up to 40 percent, in exchange for your used Nordson hot melt parts.
• Select Series™ guns and hot melt hoses enhance production and performance capabilities of your non-Nordson hot melt systems.
• Nordson True Blue Service provides dependable, hot melt system service and support through local, factory-trained technicians, centrally located inventory and comprehensive training.