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Variable-dispense Applicator Improves Product Quality and Material Use for Disposable Hygiene Products
(11 Mar 2015)
Nordson Trio triple shim applicators produce different add-on weights in a single production pass for efficient nonwovens product manufacturing.

Nordson Edge Filling and Sealing System Enables Effective Use of Less Expensive Particle Boards in Furniture Manufacturing
(17 Feb 2015)
EF 60 V applicator systems enable cost-efficient production of wood panels for high-quality finished edges in furniture production.

New Dual-module, Variable-dispense Applicator Improves Elastic Strand Performance for Disposable Hygiene Products
(10 Feb 2015)
Patented Nordson Duet applicators deliver different add-on rates to elastic strands to produce high-quality, high-performance elastic features and optimize adhesive use.

New Nordson Spectra Next Generation Pattern Controls For Simple, Accurate, Reliable Hot Melt Adhesive Application
(30 Oct 2014)
New Nordson Spectra control systems deliver ease of operation with reliable, consistent adhesive pattern application.

New Edge Banding Slot Applicator Increases Edge Banding Flexibility and Productivity
(20 Aug 2014)
EB 60 Flex applicators for saleable product from the first panel.

Nordson TruFlow Single Module Applicators Improve Process Stability and Product Quality
(30 Jul 2014)
TruFlow applicators optimize adhesive use.

Nordson Corporation’s Swainsboro, Georgia Facility Receives Presidential Award for Exports
(28 May 2014)


Ipack-Ima 2015
(19 May 2015-23 May 2015)
Visit Nordson's booth at Ipack-Ima 2015 to learn about the latest advancements in adhesive dispensing technology for packaging lines.

(25 May 2015-27 May 2015)
Visit us at booth 1F50M to learn about how Nordson has the right technology to help efficiently manufacture nonwoven disposable hygiene products.

(16 Jun 2015-19 Jun 2015)
Visit us in booth 2106 to learn how to nVest for Success with tankless technology, high-speed applicators and innovative pattern controls.

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