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Nordson's Green HQ

Nordson Corporate Headquarters

Nordson's LEED® Certified Corporate Headquarters Incorporates Leading Green Building Technologies.


In November 2010, Nordson Corporation opened a new 28,000 square-foot global headquarters facility in Westlake, Ohio. The building was awarded LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in June 2012. With this designation, the building becomes the first corporate headquarters in the greater Cleveland area to be awarded LEED certification, according to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Projects & Case Studies Directory.  LEED is the U.S. Green Building Council’s leading rating system for designing and constructing the world’s greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings.
Environmentally friendly features of Nordson's headquarters include:

Protect Open Space
Habitat, open space and rural land are being developed at a rate of over 2 million acres per year. Surrounding habitat and open space was protected by the project.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Project work boundaries were carefully set
- Half the site was left undisturbed

Limit Storm Water Generation
Excessive storm water generation stresses the local sewer systems resulting in overflows during heavy rain and costing millions of dollars per year.

Nordson HQ project features:
- A parking lot constructed with permeable pavers and a bioswale landscape feature that helps limit storm water     generation

Reduce Heat Island Effect
Dark colored roofs and paving in cities and suburban areas trap heat causing them to be several degrees warmer than surrounding rural areas.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Reflective white roofing materials
- Partial green roof (roof with planted vegetation) incorporated into the design
Concrete driveway and permeable paver system used for parking lot

Reduce Light Pollution
Excess site lighting can spill into night sky affecting birds and obstructing views of the stars.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Full cutoff lighting fixtures
- Carefully focused design that limits the amount of light spill from the property

Optimize Natural Lighting and Views
Naturally lit spaces can reduce lighting costs by 50 percent or more. A connection to the exterior improves occupants feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

Nordson HQ project features:
Care was taken so that all occupants have visual access to the outside and that spaces have natural light

Efficient Landscaping Care
Landscaping uses potable water and demand is typically highest at the times when or in areas where water is least available.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Native landscaping incorporated into the design
- Leaf mulches, which are native to the site, are used to help retain moisture

Alternative Transportation
One gallon of gas not burned is 19.5 pounds of CO2 not released to the atmosphere. Alternative transportation either by bus, bike, or carpool should be encouraged by the project design.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Bike racks have been installed
- Building is located on public bus route
- Showers are provided for bicycling commuters
- Preferred parking spaces are provided for carpoolers and low emitting vehicles are provided

Reduce Water Use
Reducing water use reduces load on municipal water systems and saves building owners money.

Nordson HQ project features:
Use of low flow fixtures throughout the building resulting in a 32 percent total water savings

Optimize Energy Use
Buildings are responsible for 48 percent of energy consumption in US. If all commercial and industrial buildings reduced energy by 10 percent is equivalent to taking 30 million cars off road.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Energy modeling occurred during the design process
- Efficient systems were chosen
- Lighting design was optimized
- High performing glass and wall systems were used
- Anticipated energy savings is 17.5 percent from previous levels

Commissioning is the process of a third party verifying the installation and performance of building mechanical systems, electrical systems and controls. On average commissioned buildings use 10-20 percent less energy.

Nordson HQ project features:
- A comprehensive commissioning plan has been developed
- Nordson has engaged a commissioning agent
- Regular site visits are occurring

Reduce Construction Waste
Over two pounds of construction waste is generated from each square foot of construction. Most of that ends up in landfills.

Nordson HQ project features:
Approximately 90 percent of construction waste was recycled for this project

Wise Material Selection
Construction materials are often transported long distances, made from virgin materials and without consideration of the environmental impact of the product.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Many materials have recycled content
- 20 percent of materials are regionally sourced
- 50 percent of wood used in this project was sustainably harvested according to standards developed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Demand Control Ventilation
Ventilation systems are designed for maximum occupancy. When the building is not fully occupied it will bring in more outside air then necessary unless CO2 sensors are installed.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Carbon dioxide sensors have been installed
- Building will measure CO2 levels and bring in outside air as required based on occupancy

Optimize Indoor Environmental Quality
Often containments are introduced to the building during the construction process this may include elements like: formaldehyde from construction materials, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from sealants and dust from construction.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Ducts were sealed during the construction process
- Filters are being regularly replaced
- Materials were protected during construction
- After construction building was “flushed out” with fresh outside air
Low VOC paints and coatings were used
Low VOC adhesives and sealants were used
Green Label Plus carpets were used
Plywood without added formaldehyde was sourced

Optimize Building Air Quality
Indoor air quality is typically worse then outside air quality.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Superior performance filters are used on HVAC system
- Careful exhausting of janitors closets
- Walk off mats at all main entries to reduce the introduction of contaminants

Comfort & Controllability of Indoor Environment
Often building occupants do not have control of the lights or thermostats in their spaces. Giving occupants control increases occupant perception of comfort. Buildings need to be designed to control humidity and air speed as well as temperature in order to optimize occupant comfort.

Nordson HQ project features:
- Thermostats are set up and spaced so that occupants can control their spaces
- All workstations have control of their own lighting
- Conference rooms have multiple lighting modes
- HVAC system is designed to control temperature, humidity and air speed to provide comfort

Nordson sustainable practices derive from our Corporate Philosophy, which emphasizes our commitment to creating balanced, long-term benefits for all our constituencies: employees, customers, shareholders and communities. Throughout the organization we conduct business in a way that demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and the advancement of sustainable development.