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ISO Information

Nordson Corporation is committed to quality and customer satisfaction and has an ongoing program to achieve ISO certification within the many business groups and divisions of the company.

It is our management policy to provide this information in lieu of completion of the many and varied quality surveys that we have been receiving with increasing frequency. We believe that achieving and maintaining the certifications provide evidence of our commitment to our quality systems and company stability satisfactorily to qualify Nordson as a quality supplier. Nordson is a capital equipment supplier.

We value our relationship and will work toward continuous improvement in our service and support to your company. It is Nordson's intention that its major business groups and/or manufacturing facilities in the United States will become registered to ISO 9001 and/or ISO 13485. A business may also elect to register to ISO 14001. All registration certificates are in effect for a 3-year period.

Subsidiaries and other manufacturing facilities located outside the United States will have the local option to determine their need for ISO 9001 registration.

Registration Unit Standard Status

Industrial Coating Systems
Amherst, Ohio
ISO 9001 Recertified 07/15

Adhesives Systems Group
Dawsonville/Duluth/Swainsboro, Georgia
ISO 9001 Recertified 04/15

Nordson Engineering GmbH
Luneburg, Germany
ISO 9001  Recertified 06/13

Nordson EFD, New Jersey
Robbinsville, New Jersey
ISO 9001 Recertified 07/14

Nordson EFD Solder
East Providence, Rhode Island
ISO 9001 Recertified 08/15

Nordson EFD Deutschland GmbH
Pforzheim, Germany
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Recertified 07/13
Recertified 07/13

Nordson EFD International
Dunstable, United Kingdom
ISO 9001 Recertified 10/12

Carlsbad, California
ISO 9001  Recertified 10/12

Fort Collins, Colorado
ISO 9001
ISO 13485
 Recertified 4/15
 Recertified 4/15
Eagan, Minnesota
EU - 13485:2012 + AC:2012
Canadian 13485:2003
EC Cert - MDD Annex II
 Recertified 01/15
 Recertified 01/15
 Recertified 02/12

Aylesbury, United Kingdom

ISO 9001 Recertified 5/12