Nordson's Hot Melt Adhesive Coater

Hot Melt Adhesive Coater

Be it paper, textiles, plastics or foils, in widths ranging from 200 mm to 1,300 mm, the Nordson Hot Melt Adhesive Coater is designed to deliver high quality finished materials at a very competitive price.

Nordson's slot coating technology brings you excellent control and the ability to manufacture adhesive coated materials with exceptional edge and coating weight control.

The Hot Melt Adhesive Coater is available with a host of customized features and is backed by first class support options, making it an ideal investment for your business.

  • Coating head, mounted on micro adjustable 3-dimensional precision bracketry, ensures uniform, repeatable and high quality coatings.
  • Automatic web tension control maintains the selected tension for the thickness and type of substrate.
  • Automatic web edge guidance assures precision web alignment and winding.
  • User-friendly Human Machine Interface is available with three control system options.
  • VersaBlue® Melters and BM Drum Melters designed specifically to ensure precise hot melt adhesive applications.