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Nordson's expertise in the Transportation industry helps customers deliver products that perform better, last longer and are more durable for their end-users. Specifically, our adhesive and sealant dispensing systems are used in the automotive, heavy truck and recreational vehicle manufacturing industries for a diverse range of applications including body sealing, glass bonding, hem flange bonding, power train component gasketing, electronics systems and many others. Our presence is also growing in cutting edge aerospace applications. And, with years of practical experience, Nordson partners with material suppliers to support next generation, high-performance adhesives, sealants and mastics. We continue to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, all backed by factory direct support worldwide.

Material Dispensing Solutions

Nordson Adhesive Dispensing Systems Division
Adhesive Backcoating
Aerospace Solutions
Component Assembly
Filter Manufacturing
Firewall Module Gasketing
Fixed Side Glass Gasketing
Flat Panel Laminating
Foam-To-Fabric Lamination
Grille Gasketing
HVAC Gasketing
Interior Trim Bonding
Lamp Bonding
Multiple-Layer Lamination
Nonwovens Coating
Nonwovens Lamination
Panel Air Filter Pleating
Powertrain Gasketing
RV and Manufacturing Housing
Sunroof Assembly
Weather Stripping / Sealing Systems
Window Trim Gasketing

Nordson EFD  Division
Automotive Assemblies

Nordson Industrial Coating Systems Division
Automotive Assembly
Automotive Components
Body Shop
Final Assembly and Glass
Marine Components 
Paint Shop
Power Train
Tier One Glass and Sunroof
Tier One Lamp Assembly
UV Curing
Liquid Painting
Powder Coating