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Surface Preparation & Curing

An overview of Nordson surface treatment and curing products and systems.

Gas Plasma Cleaning, Etching and Surface Activation Systems 
Nordson MARCH designs and manufactures a complete line of gas plasma treatment systems for the semiconductor, medical and PCB industries.  Plasma etching and cleaning are universally-applied, environmentally benign processes used to remove sub-micron contamination. Dry processing is advantageous in a wide variety of manufacturing operations for removal of many types of contamination including organic residues, polymer coatings or build-ups, waxes, metals and metal oxides, fluorine and other halogens. The overall manufacturing device performance is improved by removing unwanted contaminants or any material that may impact bonding and/or electrical performance.

Additional contaminant examples include handling or packaging residues and processing materials such as coatings or polishing residues. Plasma cleaning can permit rework or maintain multiple use fixtures and process components by eliminating build-up that may occur through repetitive use. In many applications, plasma is a faster process that saves money through waste stream elimination and saves valuable production space by reducing the required system footprint.

  • Plasma Systems for Life Sciences & Medical Devices
  • Plasma Systems for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Plasma Systems for Semiconductor and Wafer Manufacturing

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ultraviolent UV Curing Equipment & Systems 
Liquids, powders, coatings, adhesives and sealers all require curing once applied. Robust Nordson microwave-powered UV curing equipment offer the most reliable, durable and cost-effective UV curing performance throughout a wide range of varied products.  Whether the product is wood, plastic, glass or other heat-sensitive substrate, Nordson UV curing systems deliver greater application flexibility with a range of precisely focused and flood reflector geometries. They emit no ozone. Dichroic-coated temperature stable glass reflectors provide cooler operation, and no internal gasketing virtually eliminates the possibility of arcing.

  • CoolWave® 2 Curing Systems
  • UV Conveyer Systems
  • Other UV Products