Liquid Coating Products from Nordson

Liquid Coating Products

Nordson is a market leader in providing precision dispensing equipment for liquid finishing worldwide. Nordson provides electrostatic and non-electrostatic spray systems to apply liquid paints and coatings to a wide range of parts.

Featured Liquid Coating Products

OptiMix® II Plural Component Metering System

OptiMix® II Plural Component Metering System

RA-20 Rotary Atomisers

Nordson RA-20 and RA-20R rotary atomisers deliver painting efficiency and superior finishing

PermaFlo® Series Pumps

PermaFlo® Series Pumps

A7A Automatic Airless Spray Guns

A7A airless guns produce fine atomisation and a soft, controllable spray to deliver excellent finish quality with minimal overspray.

EPS Series Electrostatic Power Supplies

Nordson EPS series power supplies produce high-voltage, low-current power for electrostatic charging.

Trilogy™ Electrostatic Spray Systems

Trilogy electrostatic spray systems are available in manual or automatic gun models that incorporate the latest in engineering.

Automated Triggering System

The Nordson® Automated Triggering System (ATS) provides effective control of rotary atomizer and spray-gun trigger points in automatic finishing systems.

High-Pressure Fluid Filters

Nordson high-pressure filters prevent nozzle clogging in a variety of fluid delivery applications.

Non-Loading kV Metering Kit

Non-loading kV meter measures actual output voltage of liquid and powder coating operations.

NH-4 Heater

Nordson® Model NH-4 fluid heater to reduce the viscosity of coating materials.

64B Pumps

The Nordson® Model 64B positive-displacement demand-type pump.

Prism® Automatic Spray Guns

The Nordson Prism® gun is an air-assisted airless (AAA ) and high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) automatic spray gun.

Iso-Flo® HD Voltage Block System for Waterborne Applications from Nordson
Iso-Flo® HD Voltage Block System for Waterborne Applications

Patented Iso-Flo® HD voltage blocks provide enhanced reliability and performance for the application of electrostatically charged waterborne coatings.

Cross-Cut® Airless Spray Gun Nozzles

Cross-Cut nozzles produce greater atomizing energy compared to conventional airless spray nozzles.



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