Encore® LT Manual Powder System

Encore® LT Manual Powder System

Robust, easy-to-use powder coating spray gun and controller offer proven performance, exceptional versatility and high transfer efficiency in everyday powder coating paint applications.

Perfectly balanced, the lightest spray gun available......at an amazing price.

Encore LT Vibratory Box Feeder SystemThe Encore LT powder spraygun has the best weight / balance combination available, at less than 497g, and with an ergonomic design, the spray painters job is made easier, improving your powder coating process.

The system incorporates a new gun and all digital controller that are easy to use and provide consistent, repeatable powder coating performance.  Using Nordson’s patented Select Charge® technology, the Encore LT system also allows users to quickly select from a set of pre-programmed painting modes to assure maximum spray performance under a wide array of production conditions – including coating deep cavities, recoating and spraying metallic powder paints.

The proven performance of Encore LT means that we offer a 5 year multiplier warranty on each unit.

Available as a mobile vibratory box feed system (pictured), fluidised hopper system or as a rail / wall mount unit, Encore LT will reduce your powder coating costs.

Features and Benefits

  • AFC (automatic feedback current) control, which automatically controls optimum electrostatic charging voltage based upon gun-to-part distance
  • Robust yet lightweight, Encore LT comes with an unbeatable 5 year multiplier warranty as standard !
  • Closed-loop air pressure control that ensures repeatable painting performance regardless of fluctuations in plant air pressure.
  • New, all-digital, easy-to-use control unit
  • 100,000 volt delivery for maximum first-pass transfer efficiency
  • Fewer parts and a simple easy access design for trouble free maintenance
  • Typical paint applications: Used for painting motorcycle parts, alloy wheels, rims, gates, fences and general powder coated aluminium and steel finishes.

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Want to see Encore LT painting even sooner? Then see our product video here on YouTube Encore LT

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 Encore® LT Manual Powder System Literature 

Encore LTSee Encore LT in action, click here for the YouTube video


Want to spray small powder batches? Try the Encore cup gun kit, suitable for Encore XT or Encore LT

Encore Cup Gun Kit





Typical applications for Encore LT electrostatic powder coating equipment:

  • General powder coating.
  • Alloy wheel, rim coating or refurbishment.
  • Motorbike frame coating.
  • Bike frame coating.
  • Electrostatic coating of engine components.
  • Powder coating of small batches of metal or aluminium products.
  • Powder paint colour tests / swatches
  • Metallic powder coating.