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Pneumatic Dispensers from Nordson.

Hot Melt Dispensing Applicators - Pneumatic Bead

Air-operated hot melt dispensing applicators meet numerous application requirements with clean adhesive cut off and accurate material deposition. Nordson pneumatic dispensing deliver easy installation, simple operation, low maintenance and a long service life.

Featured Hot Melt Applicators - Pneumatic

MiniBlue® II Hot Melt Dispensing Guns.
MiniBlue™ Hot Melt Dispensing Guns

Ideal for packaging applications with limited space, MiniBlue guns feature EasyOn™ mounting for improved ease of installation

SureBead® Reduced Cavity Hot Melt Glue Guns and Modules.
SureBead® Self-Cleaning Hot Melt Guns and Modules

Air-open/spring-close and air-open/air-close styles with EasyOn™ module mounting for high-quality adhesive patterns