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Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

As a leading global manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and hot melt machines, Nordson dispensing equipment applies adhesives, sealants and coatings in a variety of patterns to consumer and industrial products in packaging, product assembly and nonwovens applications. Our hot melt systems and glue applicators are made for precision, reliability and repeatability for a large number of applications.

Improve production efficiency for packaging applications from case sealing and labeling to carton manufacturing

Efficiently produce or improve durable and consumable household products

Assemble, bond or seal durable, high-quality structural and aesthetic building and construction products

Improve bonding, sealing, gasketing and potting of consumer and industrial electronics

From aerospace to automobiles achieve durable, high-quality assembly, bonding, sealing and gasketing

Manage efficient, reliable production of new renewable energy sources and traditional energy products

Improve production and quality of home and professional medical care products and equipment

Learn how Freedom™ hot melt adhesive systems can improve your packaging operations

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 OptiBond™ Solutions -
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Featured Products

Hot Melt

NEW Freedom Hot Melt Packaging System
integrates the tankless Freedom™ Series melter with an automatic fill unit 

ProBlue® Fulfill™ Adhesive Filling Machine


ProBlue Fulfill integrates a hot melt and automatic adhesive filling system.

MiniBlue® II Long-Life 


Pattern Generator

Featured Solutions

Nordson has a full line of non-contact and contact labeling systems that increase process control and provide performance

Label Application Equipment

Nordson has a full line of non-contact and contact labelling systems.


Nordson pallet stabilisation systems securely utilise products before, during and after shipment.


Packaging Equipment that Pays You Back
(14 Aug 2013)
Freedom™ Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson to reveal the future of package sealing at this year's Total Exhibition
(03 May 2013)
Nordson will be launching the all new Freedom™ Hot Melt Dispensing System at the Total Exhibition in June 2013.

Nordson Helps Princes Gate to Reduce Adhesive Usage
(29 Nov 2012)
Nordson Enables Princes Gate Spring Water to Reduce Adhesive Use by Almost 50% While Setting Standards for Safety, Cleanliness and Energy Efficiencies

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