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Precise and fast dispensing of adhesives and glues during production with jetting technology from Nordson ASYMTEK

Common uses for adhesives and glues include bonding and sealing operations in electronics manufacturing and product assembly, such as gluing cases together. Automated fluid dispensers make product assembly easier by precisely dispensing the glues and adhesives during manufacturing.

Globally Nordson ASYMTEK's fluid dispensing equipment is used to dispense a wide range of adhesive materials such as: surface mount adhesive for PCB assembly, UV-cure adhesive for precision conformal coating during PCBA, cyanoacrylate for product assembly, and hot-melt adhesive for case assembly.

Nordson ASYMTEK's jetting technology for dispensing adhesives offers advantages over traditional techniques like fluid needle dispensing & screen printing. Production of many electronics designs demands higher speeds and greater accuracy than traditional time/pressure dispensing systems can offer and more flexibility than screen printing.

Nordson ASYMTEK offers jetting products to deliver unmatched throughput and precision as well as other dispensing products that can meet less stringent manufacturing requirements.

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