Packaging coating equipment from Nordson cuts costs and improves quality

Packaging and Converting

Nordson is the recognized leader in developing advanced coating, dispensing and curing systems used in the production of beverage and food containers. For more than 25 years, container manufacturers worldwide have relied on Nordson for custom-designed solutions to the production challenges they encounter with the application of coating materials.

Learn more about how Nordson advanced coating systems can trim costs and improve quality in the following applications:

• Metal – Nordson airless spray systems and technology provides reliable application of coating in a wide range of metal packaging including metal cans and steel industrial drums.
• Paper – Our advanced coating systems improve durability of paper and paperboard manufacturing processes.
• Biodegradable packaging – Nordson packaging coating equipment enhances product performance in environmentally-friendly biodegradable packaging.
• Glass – Manufacture clear, colored and decorative coatings on glass bottles to meet brand specifications.
• Plastic – Meet production needs with reliable curing for microwave-powered units, water-cooled systems and more.
• Drum manufacturing – We offer a complete line of hot airless spray systems that fit your production requirements, regardless of the size of your operation.
• Two-piece can systems – Enhance production quality and efficiency in a variety of steel or aluminum beer and beverage and food container applications.
• Three-piece can systems – Meet stringent requirements of the food or aerosol packaging industry with Nordson’s advanced coating systems.
• Can ends – Our proprietary induction-heating technology results in significant energy and space savings in can end production.
• Extruded aluminum (monobloc) containers and metal tubes – Nordson offers spray coating systems, UV curing systems and powder coating systems for manufacturing of monobloc and metal tubes.
• Induction heating and curing – Our advanced coating systems speed drying and curing of a variety of liquid and powder coatings used on metal substrates.
• Alkaline batteries – Nordson packaging coating equipment helps extend battery life and improves performance.