Automotive coating systems from Nordson


Nordson provides unmatched expertise in automotive assembly processes with our precision-controlled adhesive dispensing systems. From dispensing structural adhesives and sealants to coating components, our automotive coating systems bring production-proven technologies to OEM and Tier One installations and general industry manufacturers.

Our adhesive dispensing systems enhance productivity and meet production requirements in manufacturing the following products:

• Automotive Assembly – Assemble quality automotives with manual, stand-alone adhesive dispensing systems to PC interface systems.
• Wheels – Our automotive coating systems meet appearance specifications with superior finishes that prevent corrosion and UV damage.
• Body – Apply structural adhesives to assemble and shape body frames and roof bows.
• Paint – Protect the interior of automotives from wind, dust and moisture with durable sealant.
• Glass – Apply clear and black primers and film builds that exceed supplier requirements.
• Sunroof – Create closed-cell foam to prevent air from entering the passenger compartment.
• Power train – Seal gaskets from leaking fluids while stopping dirt, water, oil and more from entering.
• Stamping – Optimize product function and appearance with hem flange bonding applications.
• Lamp assembly – Bond lens covers to prevent dirt and water from damaging lights.