Precise material deposition for a variety of body shop sealing applications.

Accurate bead placement is critical in hem flange bonding applications to ensure adequate bond strength and avoid material squeeze-out. Nordson systems are ideal for dispensing adhesives and sealants in applications where closely controlled material deposition is required for optimum product function and appearance. The available systems provide precise flow control as robot speeds vary that result in better adhesive profiles and faster cycle times.

The Pro-Meter® S shot metering system supplies positive displacement output of material, ensuring precise, repeatable dispensed beads as the robot velocity change. The Pro-Meter S2K uses the same shot meter technology to dispense two component materials’

The Nordson® Controller Pressure (CP) regulator, specifically designed for robotic application, provides flexibility and precision dispensing for improved quality, productivity and efficiency.

Also available for mastic daub applications is the Nordson AccuDrop® dispense valve, which is designed to provide an accurate, repeated, pre-measured shot of material each time.