Power Train

Eliminate the manual application of power train gaskets, increasing productivity.

Power train components use a compression gasket to form a permanent seal that is impervious to internally held fluids as well as external dirt, dust, water, moisture, oils, road salt and other particulates. Gaskets must be sealed to withstand extreme environmental and engine operating temperatures and are typically required to last 100,000 miles or 10 years. Typical applications include water pumps, oil pans, radiators, timing covers, transmission components and rocker arm covers. 

Nordson automated systems allow manufacturers to robotically apply form-in-place or cure-in-place compression gaskets directly to the part, eliminating manual application. As a result, productivity is increased and material costs are reduced.

Nordson systems are designed to dispense a variety of today's most advanced power train gasketing materials, including UV-cure silicones, moisture-cure silicones and UV/moisture-cure silicones.

Available systems include Pro-Meter® S, Pro-Meter VDK, FoamMelt® and Ultra FoamMix® systems.