Paint Shop

Nordson paint shop sealing systems increase efficiency and meet environmental standards.

Nordson paint shop dispensing systems provide improved reliability, productivity and material utilisation.

In sealer deck operations, sealant deposition is required to protect the passenger compartment from moisture, dust and wind noise. Nordson systems are specifically designed to dispense PVC used in underbody and interior seal sealing and roof ditch applications. 

Nordson offers both the lightweight, flexible Constant Pressure (CP) regulator system and the high-performing, accurate Pro-Meter® S shot meter system for paint shop applications.  Both systems offer metered output, which can be changed to meet robot velocity.  Also available is the air-driven Constant Pressure (CP) Pump that provides superior flow and pressure control.

Application methods available include stream, swirl, spray and ribbon. Also available is Nordson mechanical Pro-Swirl® applicator, which provides precise edge definition and material control.