Plastic Packaging

Nordson UV Curing Systems are used to cure inks and coatings applied onto plastic containers. This enables manufacturers to increase their production efficiencies, resulting in greater output and lower costs.

Nordson offers a wide range of UV curing systems that provide efficient, reliable curing to meet most any production need. Products include microwave-powered units with dichroic heat-resistant reflectors and long-lasting bulbs; single-lamp and dual concentrated focus (DCF) electrode systems; and water-cooled systems. They are used on many different types of off-set and screen printing decorating machines.  Nordson can provide a UV curing option to accommodate various coatings or inks,  to meet your required space and line speed needs. 

The EcoLiner dispensing gun is used to apply plastisol linings to plastic closures and caps.  The EcoLiner provides the accuracy and repeatability needed in this demanding application.