Monobloc Container and Metal Tube Manufacturing

Nordson equipment is used in many areas of the monobloc and metal tube manufacturing process. This includes spray coating systems, UV curing systems, and powder coating systems.

In monobloc container and metal tube manufacturing, a coating is applied to the impact extruded aluminum container to protect it and its contents from corrosion and degradation. Likewise, the contents must be protected from the aluminum to prevent contamination.

Nordson systems apply liquid and powder coatings to the entire inside surface of containers. Powder coatings have the added benefit of zero VOC emissions, making them the safest and most sustainable choice for the environment.

Nordson offers a variety of equipment for impact extruded containers, including:

  • A7A Airless Spray Gun
  • Pumps (Model CP, 25B, and 64B)
  • Nozzles
  • High-Pressure Filters
  • NH-4 Heater
  • Powder coating systems
  • UV curing systems