Induction Curing

Nordson Advanced Induction systems are used to dry or cure a variety of liquid and powder coatings used on metal substrates.

More specifically, Nordson induction systems heat only the metal substrate, not the air around them. Convection hot air heating systems heat the air surrounding the product, so the outside surfaces dry first, frequently causing blistering.  Induction heating allows coatings to heat from the metal outward, making the curing process faster and more complete. 

Induction systems also run on a lower wattage than typical convection dryers, while 85 to 90 percent of the power consumed is used directly to heat the part, making it the economical choice in all production environments.

Nordson Advanced Induction systems are used to cure side-seam coatings on 3pc cans, to dry external bottom coatings on 2pc steel cans, and to dry waterbased compound on ends and closures.  Nordson systems are also used to heat and sterilize can ends during the filling process.